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A bit of rain over Dublin today produced a nice rainbow, brightening things up a bit.

Broken Camera [Gallery]

Somehow, last January, some dirt managed to find its way between the lenses of my TZ7 and settle atop of a filter inside the lens assembly. I had heard horror stories about how expensive it could be to repair compact cameras and was worried that it might not be worth getting fixed.

I only got around to looking into to it this month and, with Dave’s help, found The Camera Repair Center. I couldn’t find their shop on Google Streetview so I emailed them. After a couple of emails and a phone call, I arranged to meet and for them to take a look at the camera, I got a call the following day or so with a very reasonable quote and a breakdown of costs, €70. Much cheaper than buying a new camera :-) A few days later I got another call saying that the camera was ready.

Fantastic service.