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Jupiter – Phone Camera

My first attempt at astrophotography using a telescope! I’ve included the negative as it’s easier to see any detail.
The camera used was just my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone’s camera pointed through the eyepiece. Very awkward to get anything with it.

You can see Jupiter and two of its moons, most likely Ganymede and Callisto. Another two moons could be seen through the telescope, probably Io and Europa, but the phone camera failed to capture them.


A bit of rain over Dublin today produced a nice rainbow, brightening things up a bit.

Batpod and Tumbler at Dundrum

More entertaining than your average Tuesday lunchtime.

The Batpod and Tumbler were outside the Movies-At cinema at Dundrum Town Centre yesterday advertising the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. It’s being release Friday week, July 20th.


Forget Instagram, here’s Beeragram. The handy pub filter for a camera with an over achieving flash.

The flash on my Lumix TZ7 can be very harsh sometimes, especially indoors in low lighting. This can results in subjects being far too specular and a little washed out. So we took a caña grande (pint glass of beer) and let the flash diffuse through the glass (and sometimes the beer). Et voila, instant Beeragram!


Archive is available here.

EvoStar 2012 – Malaga

Some photos from attending EvoStar 2012 in Malaga, Spain.

I will make the entire archive available soon.