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Forget Instagram, here’s Beeragram. The handy pub filter for a camera with an over achieving flash.

The flash on my Lumix TZ7 can be very harsh sometimes, especially indoors in low lighting. This can results in subjects being far too specular and a little washed out. So we took a caña grande (pint glass of beer) and let the flash diffuse through the glass (and sometimes the beer). Et voila, instant Beeragram!


Archive is available here.

Broken Camera [Gallery]

Somehow, last January, some dirt managed to find its way between the lenses of my TZ7 and settle atop of a filter inside the lens assembly. I had heard horror stories about how expensive it could be to repair compact cameras and was worried that it might not be worth getting fixed.

I only got around to looking into to it this month and, with Dave’s help, found The Camera Repair Center. I couldn’t find their shop on Google Streetview so I emailed them. After a couple of emails and a phone call, I arranged to meet and for them to take a look at the camera, I got a call the following day or so with a very reasonable quote and a breakdown of costs, €70. Much cheaper than buying a new camera :-) A few days later I got another call saying that the camera was ready.

Fantastic service.