The Isle Of Sandwiches [Gallery]

Taken on a recent visit to the Isle of Capri, some pretty amazing views.

It was quite a hazy day and as such many of the shots of the landscape came out a little too blue. So I’ve used Google Picasa  (I clicked the I’m Feeling Lucky button) to help clear up a few of them.

The title of this post is a play on words, the Irish word for Sandwiches is Ceapairí, which sounds very much like the name of the island.

Broken Camera [Gallery]

Somehow, last January, some dirt managed to find its way between the lenses of my TZ7 and settle atop of a filter inside the lens assembly. I had heard horror stories about how expensive it could be to repair compact cameras and was worried that it might not be worth getting fixed.

I only got around to looking into to it this month and, with Dave’s help, found The Camera Repair Center. I couldn’t find their shop on Google Streetview so I emailed them. After a couple of emails and a phone call, I arranged to meet and for them to take a look at the camera, I got a call the following day or so with a very reasonable quote and a breakdown of costs, €70. Much cheaper than buying a new camera :-) A few days later I got another call saying that the camera was ready.

Fantastic service.


One of my favourite photos that I took a long time ago (May 2004).

Dad and I almost ran over him coming up the hill at Inch, Co Kerry one night. He just sat there while I took the photo, not moving until we had driven on. I was surprised that he didn’t roll up once he saw us.

I reckon that was the first time I saw a hedgehog and I don’t think I’ve seen one since.

The Highlands [Gallery]

A quick weekend up in the Highlands of Scotland. We stayed in a croft on Loch Linnhe, rode the steam train from Fort William to Mallaig across the Glenfinnan “Harry Potter” viaduct,  and road tripped up to Loch Ness, Urqhart Castle  and Inverness.